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Alchemy Ink, Inc. to package the GYPSY trilogy Film Rights

Alchemy Ink, Inc. and producer Fonda Snyder have acquired the film packaging rights to Alan A.Larson’s GYPSY CURSE trilogy, beginning with his second Indie suspense/thriller, THE LAST GYPSY PRINCESS. Per Ms. Snyder, “THE LAST GYPSY PRINCESS is fascinating storytelling, an epic sweep through the strata of American Gypsy crime families. With a young kick-butt female protagonist, treachery, mysticism and superstition, this action-packed thriller is riveting entertainment. Larson has created a dynamic and engaging adventure with tension filled romance and high stakes action. This is another mesmerizing and memorable trilogy that will travel beautifully to the big screen.”

eBook Available Now!
THE LAST GYPSY PRINCESS        Coming January 21st!

The scribblings of alan a. larson

Alan began writing in the sixth grade, authoring a Christmas play that was produced at his tiny Iowa country church. He completed his first thriller in the late 90s that thankfully no one will ever be allowed to read again. Since then he has been trying to write things he hopes people will find enjoyable. His first two suspense/thrillers, MEXIZONA & THE LAST GYPSY PRINCESS are available now as an eBook on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


 ***** 5 STAR REVIEWS *****

“Incredibly impressive debut novel”


"Explosive. Suspenseful. Action-packed. Thrilling. Emotional. 

Heart-wrenching. realistic that it is scary ..."

The Latina Book Club


Sheri Davenport, Award-winning Screenwriter

“It's Romeo & Juliet at the Mexican border”

Shannon Baker, Thriller Author

“Page-turning thriller objectively tackles illegal immigration”

J.T. Lundy, Thriller Author

“Meaningful - characters you’ll never forget”

Julie Kaewert, Y.A. Author

“Rare. Suspenseful & character-driven”

Kelly Dwyer, Literary Author


Rebecca Yeatman, Playwright